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We are proud to be one of the fastest-growing Chicagoland roofing contractors and are happy to provide tear-off roofing, shingle replacement, flashing repair, gutter, skylight, custom soffit and fascia, and storm restoration services. If you require any roofing services, please fill out the contact box on the left and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss whatever you need and to provide a no-hassle, no-obligation consultation. In many cases, your insurance may cover much of the costs of roof damage from inclement weather, and Remodeling USA experts will meet with your adjuster to ensure anything that can be covered will be covered. Your roof will be repaired by the most knowledgeable and professional people in the business, using only the most reputable and highest quality materials available. Put your house into the hands of local Chicagoland roofing professionals who are not satisfied with your project until you are.

Your roof is essential.

A roof is arguably the most important component of your home, which in many cases is the largest investment you will ever make. It is also much more than just shingles, as it might appear. A high quality roofing installation is an entire system which depends on proper airflow and insulation levels to operate properly and maximize the life of the shingles, as well as your home’s energy efficiency. Missing shingles, leaks, pools, swelling, and sagging are all common symptoms of roofs in need of repair, and no one is more equipped to identify and offer solutions to these problems than Remodeling USA professionals. Many times, damage exists which is not detectable to the untrained eye, so it is crucial to have your roof inspected by someone who is trained to spot such damage.

Beautify your home and save money too.

In today’s economic environment, it has become especially important to make careful, financially sound decisions and investments. Also, as science and technology make progress, more evidence has risen to indicate that our lifestyle can have adverse effects on climate and ecosystems. This situation has compelled the government to create incentive programs to encourage citizens to make energy-efficient upgrades to their homes— meaning you can have your roofing update, skylight installation, or insulation upgrade partially subsidized! Remodeling USA has access to several manufacturers of energy efficient products and materials, and we possess the procedural and logistical knowledge to improve your home’s appearance while meeting environmental standards, so you can make necessary household updates while helping to protect the environment. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us so we are able to provide you with more information regarding energy efficient roofing upgrades and skylights.